Its Fall — time to clean up

Its Fall in New England — warm days, cool nights and time that we need to prepare for winter. These are a few items on my list – clean a few easy access windows – - for cleaning the window, use newspaper and vinegar/water for an eco friendly solution – tidy up “garden” aka flower boxes [...]

Center for a New American Dream and !!

They are helping us with our dream! We are one of the 10 winners for a project with Center for a New American Dream and ioby to have an initial crowd funding platform.   We are so excited to learn from ioby and to have the backing of the Center for a New American Dream [...]

August New Apartment Checklist

So you have a new apartment….  Now what do you do about refinishing that old dresser? Putting in that closet organizer system? Hanging that mirror?  City Share Club has the answer! Have one of our new apartment kits delivered to you for the weekend! We can customize the kit to your new apartment needs: In [...]

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City Share Club cost comparison

So how much does it cost to be a Clubster versus doing it the way your father did it? (ie buying a ton of stuff!). Well here goes: If you were to do it your Dad’s way (and I love my Dad!) for a basic set of household tools you would spend almost $1,500.  Or [...]

You know you need it.

Stuff. You know you need it.  It serves a purpose. It helps you do things, makes life better and quite frankly is fun getting all this stuff.  But what if you could lighten your load?  That is what we are here for — to help you get along in life and provide you with the [...]

City Share Club 411

Welcome to City Share Club! The purpose of City Share Club is to provide a private club for members to share tools, hardware, household items and more to improve their urban homes while leaving a smaller footprint. In other words… to stop buying more stuff you don’t need and trying to store it in a [...]